A spaceship from earth is flying on a project to reach beyond the solar system. NASA sent an astronaut to explore what’s beyond the solar system. Suddenly, an asteroid double the size of a human is heading straight to the spaceship. They crashed. 

The spaceship bounced to a nearby planet where the spaceship did a crash landing. The planet was an exoplanet (a planet fit for living). It was a huge grass field with a forest surrounding it. There’s so many flowers with unique colors. He can see a river flowing from inside the forest. 

“Who am I?” said the astronaut, “why am i here?” 

Did…did he lose his memory?


The astronaut stood up, and looked at his surroundings. 

“Where is this place? It’s so beautiful!” he said

He lay down and took a nap.


A few hours later

He woke up in a dark room with gray walls. The only light is the upper window with iron bars covering it. His hands were cuffed in a handcuff. He sat in a kneeling position. His mouth was covered with something sticky. Like tape but it’s not it. The surroundings were dark with a cold air bringing chills to his spine. 

The massive door in front of him opened. 3 unknown people walked inside the room. They have long round heads with various colors. They wore a shirt-like clothing with black color. They also wore black short pants.

“Who are you and what are you doing on our planet?” one of them said

“I don’t know who am i and how am i here and where am i” the astronaut said

“What are you going to do to this planet?” said one of them

“I don’t wanna do anything! I swear!” said the astronaut “I won’t harm you or your village!” 

“We believe you for now” said one of them

They freed the astronaut and helped him stand up. 

“Our planet has been slaved for a long time.” said one of them 

“By who?” said the astronaut

“There’s a galactic tyrant named Ritour who has slaved a total of 23 planets, including this planet. Some of our people had struggled to get out but get themselves killed.” said One of them


Meanwhile in ritour’s base

“Boss! There’s an unknown person that has landed on planet number 14!” said ritour’s men

“Force him to be our slave!” said ritour “if he rejects, there’s no reason to keep him alive. Question him first. Maybe i could take over the planet he’s from” 


At the village

Ritour’s men had arrived at village 2 of planet number 14. That’s the village where the astronaut is caught. Ritour’s men come across the astronaut and say they need to question him. They brought the astronaut to the dark room before. 

“Who are you?” said ritour’s men

“I don’t know” said the astronaut

“Where are you from?” said ritour’s men

“I don’t know” said the astronaut

“You got a memory problem eh? It’s hard. Then im gonna dive straight to the point. Be our slave.” said ritour’s men

“Eh?” said the astronaut

“Yes. be our slave” said ritour’s men “if you reject, you will be killed.” 

“I had no choice then” said the astronaut


The next day

The astronaut is forced to be a slave. His task is to mine all the minerals from this planet with his fellow slaves. Suddenly, he remembered when his dad beat him up so he had to run from his own house. 

Ritour’s men are watching closely. There are too many miners, they think. And they lack engineers. So why not change one or two miners to engineers. They went to the astronaut and the person behind him. 

“You two are now engineers” said ritour’s men

“What?” the 2 of them said simultaneously

Ritour’s men ordered them to go to the lab. 

“This is the lab. From now on, you 2 will be working here.” said ritour’s men

The astronaut scanned his surroundings. There’s so many machines that he did not understand the function. The walls and roof are white. The lab is semi-sphere shaped with windows on all sides of the walls. There was a white round table in the middle with the architecture and guides.

The astronaut sat on a chair in the middle round table. When he saw the architectures and structure models, he remembered that he was working in NASA, inventing something new and that he was a brilliant scientist. He also remembered all the knowledge he learned about science. 

He looked at the architecture and structure models once again and started building the weapon. There’s some mistakes that ritour or ritour’s men have made when designing the weapon. So he decided to fix it. 

After a few days, the weapon is well made and pretty much done. The engineers and scientists tested it out. It worked out perfectly. Even ritour’s men who was watching got pretty impressed. 


A few months later

All the well made weapons are all done. 

“Now now give us the weapon” said ritour’s men

“Maybe not” sad the astronaut

He wore the armor suit and grabbed the energy sword and also the flamethrower shell. He can easily slash off his head. He dashed to the front and swung his sword. He slashes off Ritour’s men’s head. All the other men are speechless. They started to rush him. But the astronaut easily slashes their head off. Now he’s ready for a massive rebellion.

He rushed off the lab. He also secretly added a flying feature on the suit. So he flew off and rushed to Ritour’s spaceship. He knows how it looked from his fellow slave. He slashed everyone blocking him. Except his fellow slave.

It’s not too far to get to Ritour’s spaceship. He slashed the spaceship’s walls to get in and ran as fast as he could to Ritour’s room. He made a hole in the door to Ritour’s room. There was ritour and his 5 elite guards. They are surprised there was an unknown person rushing their way here. 

“Get him out of my face” said ritour

“Understood” said his men

The 5 elite guards rushed in with their swords and shields. 1 swung his sword. The astronaut dodged it by crouching. He did a spin kick that made all of them fall to the ground. He jumped and made his sword longer to reach them from up here. He slashed all of them in a circle. Made a hole in the floor and landed safely.

“Now it’s your turn!” said the astronaut

“Interesting” said ritour

Ritour stood up, grabbing his pitch black sword, and stepped forward towards the astronaut. The astronaut dashed forward and swung his sword rapidly. Ritour dodged all of them. Ritour sent a wave made from his inner energy and hit the astronaut in the stomach.

The astronaut bounced off and crashed into a wall. He got up again and pierced his very long energy sword to Ritour’s stomach but was stopped by Ritour’s sword. Ritour and the astronaut are blocking each other’s attacks with their swords. The astronaut bent down and pierced his sword to Ritour’s stomach. It worked. But ritour used his telekinesis to lift the astronaut up and slammed him so hard to the wall head-first.

Suddenly, he remembered everything, his name mark, his dead mother, and that he is forced to live with his ruthless father. Everything just came to his mind. Complicating things. Anyways, it’s now important. Now, he has to defeat this tyrant.

He got up and swung his sword that’s longer from above to the ground. Slashing ritour into 2. With the hope of the inhabitants of 23 planets, he successfully defeated ritour! 


A few weeks later

He’s done building his spaceship, now it’s time to go home, to his very home, earth. He said his farewell to the aliens and flew his ship. 


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