Galactic Adventures Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Mysterious Past

“Hello there little boy, or should I say, the SURVIVOR?”

“Who are you?” said alain “Why do everyone keep calling me the survivor?” 

“I’m Chakor, remember? The one with 4 hands that can stretch? Also with the sharp claws?” he said “so you wanna know why you’re called the survivor? I will tell you a quick story

“It was 14 years ago when you’re still approximately 1 month old. My master Arpharus went to the Detri planet. He killed all of your people. Your mom and your dad are the last ones standing. You’re carried by your mom. Your dad kept fighting my master while your mom took you to a capsule spaceship and flew you off to the vast outer space. Meanwhile, your dad is knocked unconscious by my master. My master made the detri planet explode while thinking everyone’s gonna be dead. But he’s wrong, you survived, which you shouldn’t. Your mom is regretting for keeping you alive there in the afterlife. You are the ILLEGAL SURVIVOR!” 

Alain realized that this guy’s leader is the killer of his family and race. Rage builds up inside of him and produces a red hot aura. Alan’s body began steaming with the heat.

He’s prepared.

Alain instantly appeared behind his enemy and punched his back. Chakor turned back after receiving the attack. He lands a punch with his elbow to Alain’s cheeks. Alain stayed sturdy. Like there’s nothing. Alain closed his eyes and instantly punched chakor’s gut. He also did a sweep kick that made his enemy fall down.

Chakor is now lying down on the ground. Alain stared at him with an angry face. His gaze gives pressure. As if there’s a dark energy that makes chakor feel uncomfortable. Alain moved his hand straight to chakor, opened it and let out a massive amount of blue-ish energy from his hand.

It left smoke. After the smoke cleared, Alain saw a pile of ash in the ground. He still put up a serious face. As he turned, 

“Hello” said someone

Alain was so shocked. He tried to elbow chakor but he jumped in time. He kicks Alain’s head until Alain bounces off and crashes to a stone. Chakor instantly appeared in front of him. Which left Alain startled. Chakor rapidly punched Alain and made the big stone break. Alain bounced off to the sky, but chakor caught him by stretching out his arms. He slammed Alain to the ground. 

Alain is lying on the ground. The tides have turned. Just when chakor is going to land a hit on alain, a vine caught chakor’s hand and stopped him. Kozu is here!

Kozu stood menacingly, he adjusted his stances. The two of them dashed forward and clashed with each other. Kozu rapidly punches Chakor but Chakor is effortlessly blocking it. As he lands the final hit, Chakor grabs his arm and slammed him down to the ground. While behind him, Alain seems to have woken up. Chakor was left startled. Alain appeared behind chakor in an instant. 

Chakor was left startled. Again. Alain sweep kicked chakor’s head but chakor dodged it in time. Chakor turned back and tried to land a powerful punch on Alain but Alain blocked it effortlessly. Chakor stepped back. 

“How can you obtain this much power?” Chakor said 

“Rage boost” Alain said calmly

Alain instantly appears in front of chakor and lands a super powerful gut punch. Chakor fell unconscious with a startled face.

“Alain! Sounds like you got a good boost huh?” Kozu said

“It sure is!” said Alain, “it doubles my power.”

“First, the blue eye, then the rage boost. You get so many power ups huh? Wonder if i can get one too” Kozu said

“The blue eye can slow enemy’s movement–at least that’s what i see–and the rage boost doubles my power” alain said

Alain took his portable shop out of his pockets. He powered it up and looked at his balance. 345 600 gold. Not bad. Alain went to the sphere store and started to look at the prices. 100 million gold for just 1 spring sphere? The most Expensive is the explosion sphere. It costs 40 billion gold. It is said that this sphere accidentally destroyed a planet and its holder. 

“Kozu, let’s pack up” said alain “We’re going to continue our journey” 

“Okay” Kozu said

*End of chakor arc


A month later, they discovered a planet. So they landed.

This planet is made up of many islands with a bridge connecting each one of them. If you fall off the bridge, you will fall right into the sea. Every island has a big tree in the center of it and the trees have numbers. The island which kozu and Alain landed on is number 654. Below the number is written ‘Shopping island number 6’

“I think we are staying a little bit longer than usual on this planet.” Alain said.

“I think we’re gonna buy a lot of stuff here” Kozu said

Alain and Kozu walked down the street. They came across a craftsman running a shop here. 

“Hello young man?” He said “What are you looking for?”

“I’m just gonna take a look at your shop” alain said

Alain found nothing to interest him. But he felt bad if he left the shop without buying anything. So he bought a stick that electrifies enemies when electricity is enabled for 600 gold. 

He’s at a balance of 345k gold. He saw kozu entering a sword shop so he followed him. Kozu is looking at the ‘Akiler sword’ that costs 500k gold. The description says “this is a sword used by a demon. Its power was passed down by the demon who died using this sword.”

Kozu brought the sword straight to the cashier and bought it. 

“How much money do you have, man? That’s so expensive!” alain said

“Still have 2 mil and 440k” Kozu said

Alain walked out of the store. At the other side of the street, there’s a weapon shop. So he went in.

He saw similar sticks that he bought before. But this is different. This is a collection of all the variants. There’s a stick that has a flamethrower, there’s also one that shoots water beams. At the edge of the stick, there’s a hole to activate the weapon except the electrifier stick. He bought all of the variants for a total of 5k gold. He still has 340k gold.

Alain saw a tools store so he went in. He saw a bag that can hold an infinite amount of things. So he bought it for 20k gold. He puts all the things he bought in the bag. Kozu already had the same bag. Alain saw a cannon that shoots high pressure air to target. He put it in his shopping bag. He also saw glasses that can see through solid objects just by pressing a button. He also put it in his shopping bag. He also bought some buttons that can turn big things into a capsule. He put it in his shopping bag and went straight to the cashier. The total cost is 20k gold. He still has 300k gold in his balance.

When they left the store, they saw a fat person riding on a poor person. 

“What is this?” alain said

“This is slavery. Slavery is illegal in some places. But I think it’s legal here. Well we have to stand up to this.” kozu said

The poor man can’t hold on and starts to collapse. The fat man riding him is punching his head.

“Faster! Bitch!” said the fat man “and who are you guys in the way? I have strong bodyguards here if you try to defy me!” 

Alain put on a cold gaze.

“What’s with the scary face of yours?” the fat man said pointing a pistol to alain

Alain instantly moved behind the fat man and punched him off of his ride. 

“He attacked me!” he said

The bodyguards went straight to attack Alain with their swords. They swung their swords but Alain didn’t even budge. They all left startled and stepped back scared. Alain let out an energy ball for each of them that knocked them out.

“E-even i-if yo-you defeat my bo-bodyguards, yo-you still can’t fr-free my slave…” said the fat man scared “the– collar on his ne-neck ca-can ex-plode”

Alain saw the collar on the poor man’s neck. If it actually can explode, then this is going to be hard. Alain instantly cut through the metal collar with his bare hands. He grabbed and threw it quickly to a massive pile of stone. If he was 0.1 second late, it would explode with the poor man. 

“Thank you” said the poor man trembling

“I did not support slavery so” alain said

The fat man was left there startled. He ran away scared like a puppy. 

“What’s with this planet?” alain asked the poor man

“This planet is named Doryu planet. Filled with slaves and kidnappers who catch people to become slaves. Every slave gets a collar that can blow up or spew out poison like mine.” said the poor man “there’s also some gangsters and mafias from many planets that mess up things on this planet like blowing up a village or hold illegal fights that destroy nearby buildings. There’s also countless of slave auction house because of the size of this planet”

“This planet is messed up” kozu said

“Well, let’s clean up i guess” alain said

“Where is the nearest auction house?” kozu said
“32 kilometers to the north” the poor man said

“Well, let’s go” alain said

Alain and kozu swiftly fly off. They get there in only 10 seconds with their flying speed but someone shot them when they’re flying in the air from the ground so they landed.

“What would you do that for?” alain said

“What are you thinking by crossing our territory?” the man said

“Well we are going to an auction house so sorry for the unexpected visit” alain said “Picking a fight against us isn’t gonna help with anything”

“The name’s gregory. At least you could know my name before you die” the man said

Alain and Gregory sprinted in circles. Waiting for each other to attack. Alain took action first. He dashed forward, making a hammer pose from his hands and pretended to attack from above but he quickly bent down and did an uppercut. Gregory was sent flying but he had to do something about it so he fired an energy beam that targeted Alain while in midair. Alain received the impact head on.

Gregory flew down and landed in front of alain. Now Gregory attacked first. He lands a powerful kick to Alain’s shoulders but Alain completely tanked it and didn’t budge at all. Gregory lands another kick by spinning his body again but it still doesn’t make Alain even budge.

What’s with this boy’s endurance!? 

Gregory attacked rapidly but Alain still didn’t budge at all. He instantly moved behind Gregory. He punched Gregory’s back and bounced him off to a tree. 

“I’ve won, there’s no need to continue” alain said coldly

Gregory put on an angry face. Alain and kozu walk off. After a while walking, they saw a wanted poster of gregory. Alain realized that he defeated someone worth 100k gold. 

“Wonder what will my bounty be” alain said calmly

He saw lots of wanted posters but one seems to interest him. There’s someone named Terry that is worth 1 million gold. Terry is a leader of a big shot mafia gang in island 444. They said that Terry owns island 444 but not by buying, by piracy.

“Well let’s go there shall we?” alain said “getting a chance at a big shot mafia leader is gonna be cool”

“Up to you” kozu said calmly

They flew straight away. Took about a minute to get there. Up on the bridge that headed to island 444, they’re not nicely greeted. There’s a guard guarding the gate.

“Who are you trying to get to our territory?” the guard said

“Jump down or get beaten up?” alain asked coldly

“You challenged me? Okay!” said the guard 

Alain exhales deeply. He did a side punch and knocked him out immediately. Then, Alain pushed down the gate. Many mafia members are waiting for him inside.

Alain knocked them all with his inner energy and his gaze. There stands a leader of the guards here. 

“So I have to finish you off with my hands?” alain said coldly “how troublesome”

Alain did an uppercut that threw him above and kicked him down to the ground again. In front of him, stands a massive castle. He pushed the door down and knocked out many guards.

“Where is your boss” alain said

“At the top floor, which is the 100th floor, but i don’t think you could get to that point” said the guard

Alain knocked him out with a single punch. He continued to all upper floors and finally reached the 99th floor. Where 2 guards stand tall. 

Alain tried to knock them out with his aura again but it didn’t work. So he thinks he finally met a formidable opponent. Kozu, who didn’t do anything, finally gets a turn. He dashed forward and landed a gut punch on his opponent. He jumped back, and tied his opponent with vines. He spun his opponent around and smashed him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Alain is attacking his opponent. He did an uppercut and kicked him back down from above, also landed a blow in his stomach. He stepped back a bit. The opponent gets up and finally tries to attack but Alain shoots many energy balls at his opponent so his opponent can’t attack. 

Kozu made a wooden hammer and smashed his opponent who was down many times. He did a backflip and made a sharp leaf tornado. The opponent manages to get back up and finally attacks. He did a rapid punch against kozu and blew him up with an energy beam.

Meanwhile, Alain is rapidly attacking his opponent but at a moment, his opponent manages to gut punch him and kick him to the wall. Alain and kozu got back up. 

Kozu grew sharp wood from his hands that stabbed his opponent. He also tied him with vines and smashed him around the room. Alain kicked his opponent in the stomach and smack downed him. He also threw his opponent to the wall. Then he kicked his opponent rapidly.

They emerge from the 99th floor to the 100th floor. Where Terry waited for them.

To be continued

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