Galactic Adventures Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Awaken

“Now as my master ordered, I’m going to kill the 2 of you!” 


Kozu and Alain stared at him. He smirked. He felt very confident in himself. They put on their stances. Kozu ties his hands with vines grown from kozu’s palms. He pulled the vine behind his enemy, leaving his chest and stomach open. Alain already knew what to do. He dashed forward and kicked his enemy’s stomach. 

Gurty bounced off and just about to hit the rock behind him, but kozu pulled him with the vines and spun him in the air. He slammed Gurty to the ground so hard that it made a loud boom sound.

After the dust and smoke cleared, they saw Gurty withstand the impact with his 2 hands by handstanding, leaving the 2 of them startled. Kozu didn’t stop there, he pulled him again and smashed him into a couple of rocks. Gurty crushed every rock with his head. Kozu pulled him towards himself and punched him with his other hand in the face. 

The punch is held back by Gurty’s forehead. Alain let out an energy beam. Kozu quickly jumped back, untying the vine, leaving Gurty tanking the whole impact, an explosion followed. After the smoke and dust cleared, they saw Gurty use a force field to create a sphere shield to defend himself. 

Gurty’s confidence is not just a show. It’s real. Alain dashed forward and jumped behind Gurty. He did a sweeping kick that made gurty fall over. Alain kicked Gurty’s stomach. Just in time, gurty thrust his body away from Alain with his feet. 

They both stare at each other. Kozu let out a barrage of sharp wooden spears. Gurty dodged them all. Alain smacked gurty from behind. Gurty also managed to dodge it. 

What is this aura? Gurty’s aura just started to overwhelm alain and kozu and make them sweat. Alain can hear his racing heartbeat. Kozu felt fear. He’s not afraid, but his instincts want him to get away.

Kozu and Alain charged together. They attacked rapidly together, making a beautiful harmony. They let out the double kick and made gurty slide a little while blocking. This time, he was fighting seriously.

Gurty punched Alain and Kozu’s cheeks with the back of his hand. Alain and kozu got bounced off and crashed into a rock. They got up, and charged forward again, but Gurty let out an energy beam from each of his hands, headed to Alain and kozu. They jumped and alain fired an energy ball and kozu let out a sharp leaf tornado.

Gurty was able to resist the wind, but he’s kinda struggling with the leaves that cut him off. He screamed out and let out a massive wind that blew all the leaves and stopped the tornado. The wind was so strong. Kozu and Alain are fighting it off. 

They charged together and did a double kick. Gurty jumped. They used the rock behind gurty to push themselves with their feet to the ground hand-first and thrust their body with their hands. They did an awesome kick attack harmony. They grabbed each of Gurty’s hands and slammed him to the ground. They also landed knee first on Gurty’s stomach.

Gurty coughed out blood. His eyes turned all white. He got up. Alain and kozu stood and stared seriously into Gurty’s eyes. Alain charged first. He punched gurty in the stomach but was blocked. He continued with a kick to Gurty’s hips from the side. Gurty jumped. Alain grabbed Gurty’s feet and spinned him in the air before slamming him to the ground. 

Kozu let out a vine that ties gurty up. He pulled him and punched him until he bounced off again. Then he pulled him again, then he punched him again. He repeated it for 10 times before gurty let out fire from his mouth and was going to burn kozu.

Unfortunately, plants are weak to fire. So they have the disadvantage now. Kozu let out his 2 poisonous swords. This is kozu’s hidden ability. He can fight with swords very well. 

He charged first. Alain smiled. As if he knows what’s gonna happen. Or maybe he does? 

Kozu was barraging with his swords. He sliced gurty’s stomach with his sword and gurty dodged it. Kozu went with the bull attack. He placed his stances low, and placed his 2 sword’s in the front with an X shape. He charges like an angry bull. When he was close enough, he slashes gurty with an X shaped slice. 

Gurty pulled out his sword. It’s only one. Kozu jumped forward and slashed his sword from above. Gurty blocked it with his sword. Surprisingly, kozu pushed harder and harder. He did a backflip behind his opponent and land hand first. He kicked his opponent’s back. Causing gurty to bounce off to alain’s right side. Alain just clenched his fists and pointed it straight to the right. Gurty’s stomach landed in Alain’s very fist. 

Gurty isn’t giving up yet. He still can get up. If he gets caught in a combo again, he’ll lose. Kozu let out many sharp leaves that cut through the wind and flew fast like a jet to gurty. Gurty dodged some of the leaves but can’t help but get hit by some. Kozu charged through and slashed Gurty’s back. He didn’t remember there’s Kozu behind him. 

Gurty fell unconscious. Alain, whose head had been filled with flowing blood and his arms, is badly injured. Kozu, whose head is also filled with flowing blood and his stomach has a slash injury on it. They have defeated a leader of this ‘small group’. If a leader of a small group is this strong, then how strong would their headquarters be?

Alain put on an angry face. To think that a mere leader of a small group is very hard to defeat for him, he is mad at himself that he couldn’t be strong enough to finish him quickly. Kozu is breathing hard. Also thinking how strong their leader would be. Suddenly, rain falls to the ground. Washing all the blood from them. Alain fell down because of tiredness. He’s breathing hard. He slept in the middle of the rain. Also as Kozu


2 days later

Kozu was in the gravity room, training with his physic and his sword and his plant combination. Suddenly, as the training robot was going to charge in, Kozu felt like there’s a mysterious energy hidden between him. It was whispering ‘bend down’ so he did what it said. Kozu bent down and bam! If he was 0.1 second late, the robot might hit him. Then, the voice whispers ‘punch his gut’ so kozu does it. 

The voice said ‘move behind him and use your hands to do a hammer pose and hit him in the back’ so he does it again even if it’s kinda difficult to understand. The robot fell down. Who is this voice? Kozu thought deeply. As if someone was guiding him about how to win in a battle. Kozu went to his room and was going to sleep it off.


The next month

They found a planet that’s so big. Twice as jupiter. They landed and it was harder to stop the spaceship. When they get out, their body feels 5 times as heavy. This planet has serious gravity!

Alain and kozu felt that this is the perfect place to train. So they did that. For 3 years and several months. 


After 3 years and several months

Alain is sitting in the forest. Alone, hearing the trees move, and paying attention to any movement. He felt ants walking to their nests, birds chirping on the branch, and the waterfall behind him.

Suddenly, he felt a new movement. It’s a person, coming closer and closer. Alain’s instincts told him to jump right. So he did that. After 0.1 seconds, the place where he sat before was struck by lightning. Not by the clouds but by the mysterious person.

“Hello there little boy.or should i say, the survivor?”

To Be Continued

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