Scarold Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Beggining

Hi, I’m Terry Stones. Today, I will tell you the most exciting adventures I ever had as an astronaut.

So, I was on my ship. I made my own personal spaceship with my friends and some experts. My friends and I are willing to discover an intelligent life form somewhere in outer space. I went on a daily checkup of the spaceship, and guess what i found, a derelict spaceship. 

It was shaped like a ball. It’s larger than my ship. It was floating around like an asteroid. Its color was also gray. Making it more likely to be spotted as an asteroid. I thought it was an asteroid. But I’m confused, why does an asteroid have such a shape? It’s a perfect circle. After I looked closer, I spotted some windows. It wasn’t an asteroid after all! 

I went inside and told my friends about this. One of them named Mike came out to see it for himself. My other friend named Gary went to the control room and drove the ship so it wouldn’t crash into this mysterious spaceship. 

I  went to my room and read about all the spaceships NASA has made to check who’s the owner of this spaceship. After all of the reading, I didn’t find anything. It wasn’t from earth. Then, it means it’s from a fellow intelligent life form somewhere in outer space. I told my friends all about it. Oh yeah, I have 4 friends. Mike, Gary, Tyler, and Alex, so there’s 5 people in the crew including me.

My friends and I went to discuss this matter. Are we going to contact NASA or are we going to investigate ourselves? Everyone agrees to send a message to NASA that we found a mysterious spaceship and we’re going to investigate it on our own. Mike took care of the message so everyone can prepare everything. 

After a few hours, we are all set and ready to investigate this spaceship. Tyler is watching over the ropes so the rope doesn’t untie or something. 

I entered the ship first. My friends followed me. There’s a huge door and it’s locked. We need our laser guns. 

“No need for laser guns” someone said from the speaker in the corner of the ceiling. The voice was deep and low. “We’ll open it for you”

“Who is that?” Mike said. 

I gave him a little shrug. Everyone also said they have no idea either. The door opened with a loud sound slowly. We are left speechless. Am I going to discover another intelligent life form in outer space?

“I guess we should walk in?” said Alex

Mike already came in ahead of us. I followed him. There was a very huge room with futuristic metal walls and ceilings. With a big chandelier in front of the room. There’s also 3 chairs. There stood the king on his throne. 

They have green skin, and dots. Actually that’s the one I saw.  Their skins have unique colors. They have 2 horns like a bull. They also have humanoid form.

“Hello, inhabitants of earth. I’m king forster. I’m the king of the scaroldians. We live on planet scarold. Step forward shall you?” said the king politely.

My friends and I briefly stepped forward, feeling awkward. We’re not used to being acted like a king, especially by a king! I have to calm down. I can hear my racing heartbeat. Eventually, the king spoke again.

“Actually, we’re here to capture you, so say goodbye to your little planet!” said king forster. Me and my friends realized the danger and suddenly, my body started acting weird. My body is so stiff. “And i’m not the king of the scaroldians” the king added

My friends and I are left speechless. This spaceship is going to depart right now. What about tyler? He’s been guarding the ropes. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble. The spaceship started to move very fast and we were taken off.


The 4 of us have suddenly fallen asleep. When I woke up, I saw the front door opening up and behind it was a desert with redder sands. I guess we’re on their planet. My friends got up also. I told them to follow me. 

We finally arrived at their castle and met their actual king.

“Who are these guys?” said the king nicely

“They are inhabitants of planet earth” said the king’s men

“Oh, another intelligent life form! Nice to meet you guys! We also want to know about inhabitants of other planets.” said the king

“We are the same” i said “we were looking for a sign of an intelligent life form out there in the vast outer space”

The king smiled. He laughed out loud as if they’re now friends.

“Let’s be friends then!” said the king

‘No way! This is too easy to be true! They are just pretending! But i have to pretend i don’t know and watch them first’ i thought back then

I stepped forward, signaling my friends to follow me. 

“Let’s have dinner together shall we?” said the king

There was a long oval table and me and my friends took a seat. The food was served and now it’s time to eat. But, I signaled my friend Mike to test it out. He took a bite of the meat and signaled to me that it’s safe.

I took a bite of my food. It’s kinda good. Everyone is eating here. After I finished eating, we were asked to have a tour of the castle. So we followed them through the day until the moment we were going to sleep.

I was in my bed, lying there. I looked around at my friends to check if anyone was awake. At least my group is sleeping in a room. Mike is awake and also Alex.

“Mike,” I said, “ isn’t this kinda confusing?”

“What do you mean by that?” said mike

“Like, this is going too easy for us. Are they hiding something?” i said

“Let’s follow them for now, since this is their kingdom” said Alex

I couldn’t sleep. With the anxiety building up inside my body. Until somehow, I fell asleep. 


The next day

I woke up, discovering that my friends were still asleep. I saw Gary, Alex, Mike, and Tyler. Wait, tyler? How can he get here? It doesn’t matter though, since he’s safe then that’s okay.

I woke everyone up and they were all surprised to see tyler. He said he somehow woke up in this ship after being unconscious and tried to find us and he found us. Since he was so tired, he slept beside us.

We went outside of the room and saw a poster at the wall in front of us:

The King Is Attacked! Who Is The Culprit?

The king is attacked in his room at 1 am in the morning. He was found unconscious with the injuries. He was brought to the nearest hospital and got first aid quickly. He’s now still resting in his hospital room. The doctor says he’s gonna be okay if he gets enough rest. We will find out the culprit soon enough after he wakes up.

My friends and I started looking at Tyler.

“Uhhh,” he said “there’s no way I could be the culprit right?” 

Yeah, there’s no way that he’s the culprit so we turned to see the poster again. Then saw a horde of scaroldians rushing towards the exit door. 

“The king was awake?” 

“The king has woken up!” 

“Who is the culprit?” 

“Is he okay?”

“I’m so glad!” 

Everyone rushed out of the castle and we also followed them. Someone came in and said

“The king is Awake!” 

Everyone was left speechless. Me and my friends used the back door to get out and go to the hospital. But, it’s a long walk so we have to run. 

As we entered the hospital, everyone stared at us with an angry look. 

“We didn’t do anything, I swear!” i said

Everyone still stares at us. Anyway, we rushed into the king’s room. Everyone is not here yet. As we knock, there’s no voice. I looked at my friends with a questioning look. My friends all shrugged. 

“Should I open the door?” i said

“Sure” my friends all replied

I slowly opened the door. It’s not locked or something. When the door was fully opened, we saw no one in the room. We’re left speechless. 

“Then, where’s the king?” said tyler

I simply replied with a shrug. After a moment, we heard the sound of breaking glass. I ran outside the room, to the elevator, and headed to the 3rd floor. My friends all followed me. On the third floor, I rushed forward and kicked the door in front of me. There, we saw the pieces of the king’s most expensive vases. 

“Who did this?” said mike

I heard footsteps behind us, so many of them are coming here. Before i could react, 

“Hands up!” the scaroldians said holding a laser gun “you’re the ones who tried to murder the king right?”

“No! We’ll never do something like that!” i said mad plus shock

“Then, who is this?” he said

He showed a photo of someone, disguised as me (Clearly not me) with a knife in his hands in the king’s room. It was footage taken by a CCTV camera.

“I’m gonna prove it’s not me no matter what!” i said

“Well then, we are going to give you 2 days” they said

I’m so mad back then. I can’t believe someone disguised as us and attempted an assasination of the king. I’m gonna find him and beat him up! 

We stepped out of the building and went into our room. Everyone on the way is staring at us. I think deeply inside. 

“What would we do if we were a dumbass disguising ourselves as me to kill the king?” i said to my friends

“Well I don’t know?” Alex said “What I wanna ask is where did they get our mask?”

“That’s a point” tyler said

“Let’s go to the masks shop or something like that” i said

Me and my friends went outside, searching for a mask shop. We can’t ask anyone because they think we’re the culprits. After we found one, we asked the shop owner if he was selling our masks. He said he wasn’t with an angry look.

Me and my friends already searched half of the planet. The planet is as small as mercury and that’s why we felt so light walking here. Finally we found another shop. They sell it.

“Has anyone bought it yet?” i said
“Yeah, so many kids bought it” he said

Kids won’t do genocide will they? So I thought it might be impossible for a little brat wearing my mask trying to murder the king. Wait, if i remember back the photo, the guy in the photo was actually tall. Taller than me. He’s wearing scaroldian clothing. Because he doesn’t know where to buy our clothes.

After hours of searching while splitting up, finally I found another one. I don’t know about the others but I’m gonna take care of this first. So i took my first step in the store and went straight to the cashier.

“Excuse me, are you selling my mask?” i said

“Yes i am” he answered

“Can you tell me who bought it until the assasination attempt?” i asked again

“There’s 3 people. A short guy wearing glasses, a super tall guy even though he’s taller than you. And a teenage girl.” he said but this time, with a little bit of a stutter

Found ya! Finally! The tall guy. So i asked again

“Who’s the name of the super tall guy?” 

“Tirio yutop” he said

Tirio yutop. Weird name. Well it’s another planet so i couldn’t blame them.

“What is the color of his skin and dots?” i asked again

“His skin is yellow and his dots is red” he answered me again with stutter 

“Okay bye” i said a quick farewell

I stepped out of the store and contacted all my friends. We gathered back in our room. And had an investigation meeting. It’s late at night but we don’t have that much time. 

“The culprit is tirio yutop. He has yellow skin and red dots. At Least that’s what the shopkeeper said.” i said to my friends

“Tirio yutop” alex repeating the name

Mike opened up his tablet and he showed us something. 

“Hey guys. In here it is said that tirio yutop is a successful businessman in town but for some reason, went bankrupt. He now lives in his apartment room.” mike said

“Apartment?” gary said “You mean what’s right next to us?” 

“No. But a different apartment but maybe the one next to us might be it.”

“Let’s take care of that tomorrow” i said

“Night” everyone said


The Next Day

We went right away to the apartment right next to us. And asked the receptionist. 

“Does a man called tirio yutop live here?” gary said

“No” the receptionist said “sorry”

“No problem, sorry to waste your time” gary said

We searched 8 more apartments and finally found him in an apartment called hituyuret apartment. He’s in room 22A in the 22nd floor. So we rushed here immediately because we dont have much time. 

We knocked on the door nervously. The door slowly opened and there, stood tirio yutop. With his tall posture.
“I know you’re the culprit” I said with serious face

To Be Continued

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