Galactic Adventures Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The New Enemy

“Got a problem there huh? Too bad, cuz’ i’m gonna be a new problem to ya!” 


Alain quickly turned back. It was a man in his mid-twenties. 180cm tall. Wears a dark blue jacket and black trousers. Has a black hair and a shiny red eye. It was staring at Alain with a smirk.

“What do you want!?” said alain

“Simple, i want a fight” said the mysterious man

“I’ll give you one then!” said alain

Alain and the mysterious man dashed forward at the same time. They’re clashing their fists. Unexpectedly, the mysterious man pulled Alain’s arm and smacked him to the ground. Alain’s hand is still held by the mysterious man. So he pulled the hand and pulled his feet up and then he kicked the mysterious man’s chest. 

The mysterious man bounced off to a wall. Alain got up and kicked the mysterious man’s stomach. Unexpectedly, the mysterious man grew vines from his stomach and trapped Alain’s feet. The vine pulled Alain’s body and shaked it. The vine smacked Alain’s body to the ground repeatedly. 

“As you can see, I’m an elemental fighter” said the mysterious man

Alain got back up. There’s vines growing from the mysterious man’s back, forming 2 more hands, leaving Alain stunned. The man starts attacking rapidly while Alain keeps trying to dodge all of these attacks. The mysterious man landed an all-out 4 hand punch where he basically punched using 4 hands at once.

Alain stepped back trying to dodge it but the ‘vine hands’ kept growing longer and longer leaving Alain with no choice but to restrain them. Alain held the punches back but he couldn’t get a good grip for his feet. So he slipped and crashed to the wall. The man made a sword from the vines and is ready to end Alain. But Alain doesn’t want it to end here…

He increased his energy level and shook the whole ship as well as destroying the nearby asteroids to pieces. The mysterious man is stunned. Seeing the power this kid has. Alain moved behind the mysterious man in an instant and punched his back. The mysterious man bounced off and crashed to the wall. The mysterious man got up. He dashed and tried to punch alain. Alain jumped quickly behind him and punched his back again. The process repeated until 3 times.

Now the mysterious man tries a new plan of attack now. He dashed, but before he reached Alain, he jumped to the left, crouched, and landed a spinning kick in the back area of Alain’s leg. Alain got hit by the attack, but he didn’t budge. Alain aimed his open palms to the mysterious man. He let out an energy beam. Caused a hole in the mysterious man’s stomach. But the mysterious man’s stomach regenerate again. Leaving Alain surprised.

“Do you know how? It’s because I have the powers of a plant. It can grow, so I can grow back my missing body parts” said the mysterious man “Since you can kill me, if I don’t have the power to regenerate, I will introduce myself. I am Kozu”

“How do you get the power of a plant?” said Alain

“So you don’t know about power spheres. Power spheres can grant you the power it contains. For example, I used a plant sphere, so I have the power of a plant. If you find a power sphere, you can place them near your chest. The sphere will get in your body and you can have the power it contains. Someone can’t use more than one sphere. There’s only one sphere for each kind. If you make a person unconscious the sphere they use will come out and get free again. Same as for you. If you get knocked out by someone, your used spheres will come out and get freed.” said Kozu “one more thing, can I join you?”

“What did you just say?” said alain

“Can I join you?” said Kozu

“Are you even serious right now” said alain

“Im serious” said Kozu

“Okay then. It doesn’t really matter to me either” said Alain “you’re now on my team!”


3 weeks later

The spaceship is still going. Alain saw a planet. So he landed there. Alain woke Kozu up and they got out of the ship. The planet itself is filled with giant jungles. It’s hard to find a landing spot. 

“It’s time for an adventure then!” alain shouted

They walk through the jungle. Alain is worried about getting lost and can’t go back to the spaceship on the way. After a long range of walking, they found some ruins. 

“Do you know that there’s a portable shop?”

“Portable shop?” said alain tilting his head

“It’s a device that can access any shop from anywhere.” said Kozu “i’m gonna give u one since i have 2 of them”

Kozu gave Alain a portable shop. Alain puts it in his pockets. They continued walking. After a while, they found a cave. Alain entered the cave. It’s an old mine. Someone must’ve been on this planet before them. 

Alain kept walking through the cave. Alain saw a chest. It’s full of gold. Since there was no one here, it’s okay to take some, right? Alain took some and showed it to kozu.

“So you got gold? You can put the gold inside the portable shop to increase your balance by putting it near the device.” said Kozu

Alain put all the gold near the device and the gold is attracted like a magnet attracting a steel object. The balance changed from 100 to 45600. Alain tilted his head in confusion. 

“There’s 100 gold here before?” said alain

“So the thing is, i bought something not from the portable shop and i put the change in the wrong device.” said kozu

Alain saw a money converter there. He clicked it and it can convert dollars to gold. Alain remembered the 20000 dollars he got before. 1 dollar equals 15 gold. So he exchanged all the dollars for gold. He got 300 000 gold. What a tremendous amount of money. 

Alain and Kozu continued walking down the gigantic forest. There are animals everywhere. Like the monkey swinging from tree to tree and the sound of the birds chirping. It’s so relaxing. They’re in a calm forest. After several minutes of walking, they found a waterfall. The sound of the water falling from top to bottom, it’s so relaxing. Plus the barely heard chirping from the birds. 

Alain decides to sit down on a rock in the middle of the river. He jumped high and landed perfectly on that rock. The rock’s size is perfect for Alain to sit down. Alain closed his eyes, and started clearing his mind. He’s meditating. While Kozu, he is hunting with the vine sword he created.

A few hours have passed. 

Kozu got a tremendous amount of food. It’s enough for a whole month. Alain got up. He saw Kozu bring back a massive amount of food. Alain went speechless. But there is something that intrigued him. A shining light from down the river. 

Alain dived down. Leaving kozu startled. There is something down there. But, 5 fishmen (half fish and half human) showed up in front of alain. They brought their tridents and were ready to attack. Alain has no other option than to beat up all of them. Alain closed his eyes. 

The fishmen was curious. But the leader ordered his soldiers to attack. One fishman swung his trident at alain. Alain can easily dodge it by moving his upper body a little to the left. But he decided to test their power. He let the fishman attack. That actually hurts. Alain thought. So he needs to fight a little bit more seriously. 

The 5 of them attacked at once. They pierced their tridents to the front, doing an attack from all sides. Alain swam under and avoided all of the attack. Causing the fishmen to attack each other. Alain wonders, do energy balls work under the water? So he tried firing it at a fishman. It worked but it caused a massive wave and it moved slower.

While kozu is outside, wondering what’s happening down there. The water splashed out high. Kozu decides to go down there too. He jumped and dived downwards. He saw Alain and 5 fishmen fighting. Kozu growed vines from his palms. Separating into 5 ways. The 5 of them captured 1 fishman each. He spun them right round and slammed them to a rock. 

“Wait, for the pride of the proud fishmen, i’m not gonna let you take the sphere!” said the leader “you can have anything other than the sphere!” 

Alain wants to talk. But he remembered that he’s still underwater. So he swam up and gave a signal for everyone to follow him. 

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway since im only looking for some exercise” said alain “i thought the shining was your eyes. So there’s a sphere on this planet. you can have it. i don’t need it. yet.”

Kozu put on a ‘whatever you want’ face to alain. The fishmen dived back to their home. Alain and kozu got up to the ground again. They got back to their spaceship, preparing for take off. 

They flew the ship and now they’re going to the edge of the galaxy. But in the middle of the journey, 20 spaceships surrounded theirs. 

“Arpharus has targeted us huh?” said Kozu

“Let’s roll!” said alain

They got out of their spaceship wearing an oxygen mask with an oxygen tube. They rushed towards the spaceships. They destroyed it with their vine swords one by one. The people boarding the spaceship quickly used their jets to go to a nearby planet. They landed, followed by Alain and kozu. Alain and kozu pulled their spaceship with vines. 

“Finally, in a planet.” said alain smiling a little

Kozu already attacked first, he thrust his body forward and grew a sharp vine that pierced through his enemies’ stomach. He also grabbed 2 of them using the vines he grew from his palms, and slammed them to each other, and threw them towards their friends. 

Alain can’t just stand and watch, he fires an energy beam that collides with the enemy’s. He jumped up and shoots sharp leaves from his palms towards the enemy. 2 of ‘em jumped and rushed for alain from alain’s right and left side. They tried to punch, alain bent down, causing them to punch each other. Then, Alain punched their stomachs.

Alain made a giant wood hammer from nowhere and smashed one of them standing in front of him. Everyone rushed at Alain but ended up getting smashed by Alain’s hammer.  

Kozu made a sharp wooden sword. He brilliantly attacks and defends using the swords, as if he was dancing. 2 of them went to attack from kozu’s right and left side. They tried to punch but kozu moved back, causing them to punch each other. He threw his sword and it sliced 2 of them into 2 and went back just like a boomerang. It’s surprising that kozu is actually good at using swords.

He was surrounded by rushing enemies. He basically just spun the sword with his fingers. There’s a hole in the handle for him to spin the sword. The attack just swept them out. 

There’s now only 10 left. Alain wiped them out with a crescent shaped energy slasher named crescent slasher. 

“That’s not fair!” said kozu “we should’ve divided them into 2!” 

“You’re not fast enough” said alain smirking

Someone just emerged from the smoke. It was an alien with an iron body. His body color is black with red triangles in his cheeks and a red circle in his chest with a red ‘V’ below it.

“Hello Alain and kozu. You two had been bothering us for a while now. Alain is a boy that shouldn’t have survived 11 years ago. While kozu is accepting jobs to defeat our men and gaining money from it.” said the alien “oh yeah, I am Gutry, a leader of this small group. Now as my master ordered, I’m going to kill the 2 of you!” 

To Be Continued

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