The Lazy Zookeeper

The Lazy Zookeeper

Short Story

“Richard! Why are you still unemployed!? Go find a job!” richard’s Mom yelled

“Okay mom.” said richard, sighing

Richard went outside. There’s a zoo nearby. Maybe Richard could work there. He went inside and asked the receptionist to meet the boss. He talked to the boss about being a zookeeper in this zoo. The boss accepted it since they were lacking members.


3 months later. 

Richard is going to the zoo again. Richard is assigned with only 1 cage. Why? Because Richard is too lazy. The cage he took care of is a monkey exhibit. The monkeys look starved. One just fell unconscious. Richard is too lazy to feed them.

Oh no! The boss is gonna be mad at me! I have to go fast! Richard thought.

He rushed and took a big bucket of bananas. He put it in the cage quickly. The monkeys rushed in and ate as many bananas as they could. The bucket is empty in no time. Richard took another big bucket of bananas and quickly put it in the cage.

Finally, it’s done. Time for sleep again I guess. Richard thought


1 week later

“Richard! I’m reducing your wage! You can’t even take care of a single cage!” said the boss

Richard went home in sorrow. He went to his room, sat on his bed, and he wanted to think this out. 

If i kept doing it like this, i would become homeless. I need to improve myself. I’m gonna take care of the monkeys seriously! For a huge salary increase! 

Richard has the will in his mind, but will he be able to fight off his super laziness?


The next day

Richard went to the zoo. Willing to get a salary increase. He quickly went to the monkey exhibit and took a big bucket of bananas. He put it in the cage. He also fills out the empty water cans for the monkeys to drink. He washes all the monkeys. It was all hard work. He’s exhausted already. It’s only 1 cage. Why is he so tired?

He pushed himself and went to the cage beside him. Atleast im gonna do 2 cages. Richard thought. He did all the duties and tasks. Time for the next cage. His body is moved by the will to get money. At the end of the day, he finished all the tasks in 13 cages. The boss is happy for richard.

“Thanks for your hard work richard. Keep up. Im gonna give you a bonus for today. If you keep up and do it again tomorrow, im gonna give you a salary increase.” said the boss

Richard is happy about it. He went home with the bonus money he got. 


The next day

Richard did the same thing as yesterday, but today, he finished faster. He fought off his laziness. He even became friends with the monkeys. At the end of the day, Richard got a salary increase.


A few months later

Richard heard the news about the boss getting a new kind of virus. He went to the hospital and went to his boss’ room. 

“Richard, when I’m still in the hospital, please become the manager for a while. I’m counting on you.” said the boss.

Richard nodded. He understands what he should do now. He goes to the boss’ room in the zoo and buys a few TV commercials. He tells his co-workers to take care of the animals. Richard bought the empty land beside the zoo and made an exhibit where people could actually pet the animals and interact with the animals and maybe feed the animals. For visitors’ safety, he only placed some monkeys and birds and friendly animals in the exhibit.

People are excited to go there. The line was building up. Just 1 second after the commercial aired, there was a massive line of people. The zoo’s balance is increasing. They got lots and lots of money. It’s surprising that Richard is good at managing a zoo despite his laziness. 

Richard is planning something. He built a restaurant at the zoo. He also built many restrooms scattered around the zoo. What’s surprising, he used so much money to make a cable car around the zoo so visitors can see the animals from the sky. The next thing he do, is buy commercials to air on every tv channel. It used the rest of the money and now the zoo fell poor.

“Richard! What have you done!? You used all the money this zoo has!” yelled Richard’s co-worker “you are a bad manager! The boss has been saving for years!” 

Richard grinned. He is confident about his choice. He didn’t listen to what she was saying. 


A few months has passed

The boss finally recovers from the new virus he suffered. He came back to his zoo and saw Richard proudly greeting in front of him. 

“What’s up richard?” said the boss

“Just see for yourself boss. I prepared a surprise for you.” said richard, smiling

The boss kept on walking and saw so many people crowding the entrance. The boss is left stunned. He went to the manager’s room and checked the balance. He has almost 1 billion dollars now. He was happy, and surprised. Richard did this as the manager. He thought.

There’s also a new cable car in the sky and a new exhibit! The manager thought. 

“Richard. You did all of this. I’m so grateful. Just how can i thank you.” said the boss “oh yeah, money” 

The boss took 100 million dollars and gave it to richard.

“I don’t need this. It’s all yours.” said richard

Richard left the zoo in retirement. Why did he retire when he was still young? He has been through much. The manager broke down in tears of happiness.

“Richard! I’m never gonna forget this!” shouted the manager to walk richard. I don’t know why it sounds like the manager wants revenge.

Richard grinned. He secretly took 1 million dollars from the start. But he didn’t expect to be given 100 million dollars. He proudly walked home with 1 million dollars. Leaving his mom stunned.

“Where did you get these?” said richard’s mom

“It’s a secret” said richard “but you can have 10 000 dollars if you want to” 

Richard’s mom accepted the offer. Richard went to his room and just gonna sleep it off.


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