Galactic Adventures Prologue

On a dead planet that has been destroyed, an alien with a body made of black iron has cornered an exhausted and scarred man in his 30s.

“Take him away! He is the only hope for our nation!” said the man to a woman who was holding a baby.
“But you…” said the woman
“Do not mind me! Hurry up!” said the man

The woman ran away as fast as she could, panting and crying.
“Good” said the man, smiling a little
“So the drama is over?” said the all-black alien

The man who had been cornered jumped with the last of his strength behind his enemy. Then he ran at the all-black alien, trying to hit him. Swiftly, the all-black alien immediately turned around and blocked the attack.

“Not bad for a tired 30-year-old gentleman,” said the all-black alien. “Interesting! You can still fight huh?” the all-black alien grinned.

The man did a backflip and landed perfectly. The all-black alien thrust its body forward. In an instant he was able to arrive before the weary man. The alien kicked his enemy in the stomach with his knee. The man bounced off and hit a rock behind him.

“Ugh!” the man tried to hide his pain

The alien grinned. Sensing another attack, the man immediately pushed his body aside and rolled forward. 0,1 second after that, the alien had smashed the rock where he was standing earlier.

“Huft, huft, huft.” the exhausted man gasped

The alien instantly pushed its body and shot towards this man. Tried kicking the guy in the head. The man ducked and avoided the all-black alien attack. Then he punched the alien in the stomach. After that, he directly pushed his body backwards and away.

This 30 year old man is currently making a huge energy beam. The strongest energy beam that he can let out. The alien was still standing in place. Here’s the chance!

Then the alien quickly turned around and saw the man making energy beams.

“Come on! Let it go! I want to feel it!” said the alien

The man let out a big, light blue beam of energy. The alien blocked the energy beam. Then there was a big explosion


Meanwhile, the woman who ran earlier put her baby in a white spherical capsule.

“Be a strong man” she said to his baby through tears

The woman flies her plane and smiles.


The alien shot out of the thick cloud of smoke and punched its enemy in the stomach until his enemy fell unconscious.

“Is that all? You’re boring” said the all-black alien

The alien flies and creates a huge ball of energy. 20 times bigger than his own body. Then throw it on the planet.

There was a huge explosion and the planet was destroyed.

“Even though you can’t hear me,remember my name is Arpharus” said the black alien

What will happen to the baby?

To Be Continued

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