Galactic Adventures Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Blue Eye

Alain’s body felt very painful. Especially his right eye, it felt like it was gonna pop out.

Alain passed out.


Alain woke up at a new place. He recognizes it. The building before that contains ‘doctors’. Alain looked at a mirror there and realized his right eye had turned light blue. It’s shining. Alain can feel the power the eye contains.

Anyways it’s not important now. How about the tournament? Alain opened the window and flew away to the tournament arena. It’s empty. Alain asked nearby people about the tournament. The final round is going to start tomorrow. Alain is glad about it. The thought of him getting disqualified is now gone from his mind.

Alain went back to the large and tall building that has a red plus.


8.00 am and it’s still 7.30 am. Alain went to the tournament arena and did some training until the time came.

Finally, The time has come. The match is going to start. 

“The awaited moment has come! The final match is starting! Contestants, please go to the arena!” said the excited commentator. “And start!” 

Alain thrust his body forward and tried to hit zero at the stomach. Zero dodges it and hits Alain’s back with his hand. Alain’s body moved on its own. Alain didn’t know how but he managed to dodge the attack.

Zero keeps attacking Alain by punches and kicks but Alain dodged all of the attacks. Alain felt something. When zero attacks him, zero’s movements seem to slow down like a slow motion video. That’s why Alain easily dodges zero’s attacks. 

Zero jumped backwards. Alain thinks that zero is thinking about a plan. Attacking recklessly won’t work on alain. This is an opportunity for Alain to attack, so he does it. Alain thrust his body forward with his feet and tried to punch zero’s stomach but was blocked by zero. Zero bounced off by 3 meters. 

Alain keeps attacking zero recklessly. Zero is trying to block and dodge all of the attacks. A punch hit zero’s stomach. Zero jumped backwards. Coughing blood out of his mouth.

Zero thrusted his body forward and tried to kick Alain’s waist. Alain quickly avoided the attack by jumping upwards. He shot out a large ball of energy and hit zero. Zero bounced back by 10 meters and hit the arena so hard that it made a very big boom sound. 

Alain jumps to the sky and gathers light blue energy in his palms. He let out the energy beam and hit zero. Zero fell unconscious. 

“Zero fainted! Alain won the final match!!” said the excited commentator

Applauses are coming from every corner of the stadium. The people are shouting Alain’s name. 

“How does it feel to win the tournament and 20000 dollars alain?” said the commentator, handing Alain the money.

Alain kept quiet. He closed his eyes and focused his energy on hearing. He could hear someone fighting. The whole stadium also kept quiet. Then a loud sound broke the silence…


Alain knew it. He was just making sure it’s really a fighting sound. He flew away above the crowd and headed quickly to the exploding sound. He arrived and saw an alien. Its body is made out of iron. Alain can tell that because it reflects light. Its body is black but with a big white line on its chest surrounding its shoulders.

“You finally came” said the alien

“Who are you” said alain

“I’m dire. I’m here to find you” said Dire (The alien)

“Why do you want to meet me?” said Alain

“I don’t want to meet you, but my master Arpharus does.” said Dire

“Who is this other guy?” said Alain

Dire smiled or maybe grinned. Alain was confused. Was he wrong by asking that?

“So you don’t know. I can understand. You were only like 4 months old right then. Arpharus is the ruler of the darkness. He rules over millions of bad guys. He can defeat anyone. Except the one named Kodien. But he’s dead now. So lord Arpharus can defeat anyone in this galaxy” said Dire

“This galaxy?” said Alain

“Yes that’s correct” said dire

“So why does Arpharus want to meet me?” said Alain

“Because you have the hidden light between you. The power of Kodien. You might be the reincarnation of Kodien. You are also a detrian. The same race as Kodien” said Dire

Alain was stunned. He can’t believe what he just heard. But one question still lies. Who is this Kodien?

“Who is this damn Kodien?” said Alain

“The strongest mortal in the universe. Oops sorry. Former strongest mortal in the universe” said Dire

“Then what is this Detrian?” said Alain

“A race in the planet named Detri” said Dire

Then the blue eye must be the effect of this ‘hidden light’. Alain is left speechless. Knowing how strong he really is. Knowing the hidden potential between him. Alain’s heart is racing. This is the first time ever alain is excited about something. He wanted to achieve his full potential.

“Now I forgot why I came here” said Dire

“To fight me” said Alain

“Hmph, just try kid” said Dire

With his blue eye active, Alain swiftly dashed and passed Dire. He turned back and punched Dire’s back. Dire turned back as fast as he could but ended up getting hit on the stomach. He spits out blood from his mouth.

“Nice punch.” said Dire.

“I can give you more if you want to” said alain

Alain keeps punching Dire’s stomach. Dire tried to hold off the blow but ended up getting punched again in the stomach. Dire restrained it this time. Leaving Alain startled. Alain quickly jumped backwards and did a backflip. Dire has kicked the area where Alain was standing before. Alain let out a bunch of energy balls. Dire is trying to block the attacks with his hands so it doesn’t hit Dire’s vital part. Alain threw the last biggest energy ball to make an explosion. Dire blocked it. An explosion followed.

As thick smoke was in front of him, Alain dashed through the smoke and punched Dire’s stomach. Dire bounced off and crashed with the debris of buildings behind him. Alain continues with a kick at dire’s stomach, causing dire to spit blood out of his mouth, but after that, dire is still standing!

“Is that all you’ve got?” said dire “you are nothing compared to me” 

“Says the one who got beaten up by me” said Alain

“Do you really think this is my full power? What a joke” said dire

Dire powers up, releasing an extraordinary amount of energy. 

“GRRAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” dire roared as he releases an extraordinary amount of energy

Dire’s energy shakes the ground. He grows a thick black iron armor on his chest and stomach. He has already finished his transformation. Now the real fight begins.

“This is my true power, kid” said dire

Alain is speechless about his enemy’s power. It’s so extraordinary. It gave Alain some goosebumps. His detrian instinct warned Alain of a huge power targeting him from behind. Alain quickly turned back and saw another black iron alien charging up a purple energy beam.

“Oh come on gurd, you can wait for me to finish him. Your job is to back me up when I’m desperate. And I am still fighting well here” said dire 

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back my desire to fight with this kid” said gurd

Dire smirked. He dashed forward and closed the gap between the two of them in an instant. He hit Alain in the stomach. Alain blocked it just in time. The blue eye is not as effective as when Alain faced off against zero. Probably cause he has a few minutes gap from the 2 fights. Gurd is watching closely in the background.

This time the blue eye actually slows the enemy’s movements. Alain saw dire is going for a kick on Alain’s left shoulder. He took one step to the right and smoothly dodged the attack. Dire got surprised, but after 0,5 seconds, the surprise on dire’s face turned into a smile.

“As I expect from kodien’s reincarnation” said dire.

Alain continued by hitting dire’s stomach with a chop. Dire slammed to the ground. Dire is not gonna rest. He did a spin kick, but Alain’s blue eye saw it, so Alain jumped. Dire kept attacking by jumping and trying to punch Alain again, but before he could punch Alain, Alain already fired an energy beam at him. Causing dire to fall again. Alain lands a final kick in dire’s stomach and ends the fierce fight. Dire’s body becomes a ball of dark energy that flies away to the infinite sky.

“Just as I expect from the reincarnation of kodien. I’m not strong enough to beat kodien. By the way, good fight” said dire with hoarse

Alain just stared at dire for a minute and turned to see gurd. He is a bulky man with gray skin. He only wears his underwear and long pants. He is about 210 cm tall (about 6 feet 9 inches). He has his veins visible in his skin.

“Come over here, whatever your name is” said Alain

“I’m gurd you brat” said gurd

“I don’t care” said alain “Just fight me right here and right now”

Alain jumped over gurd and landed behind gurd. Alain kicked gurd’s back, causing him to fall off the hill. Alain jumped off the hill too and landed knee-first on gurd’s stomach and quickly jumped back.

“That was an easy one” said alain

“You think you can beat me with only that attack?” said gurd

“Oh, you’re a tough one” said alain

gurd stood up. Alain and gurd stared at each other for a while. Then Alain thrust his body forward and closed the gap between them in an instant. Then, Alain punched gurd’s stomach. gurd blocked it just in time. Alain did a backflip. gurd is chasing Alain, but gurd’s movements are slow. 

Alain knows now. gurd has a huge attack power but he lacks speed. That’s gurd’s weakness. gurd punched Alain’s stomach. Alain can dodge it but he decides to block the attack. He wants to taste the power. Even if Alain blocked the attack, gurd’s punch still pushed Alain back for a few meters.

“You have such muscle power. Too bad you lack speed. You should train your speed more. Power is useless if you don’t hit the opponent” said alain “and i know for sure, you are not born from arpharus” 

“That’s true. I’m the last one alive of my kind. My family, my friends, my race, all killed by arpharus. Then he said, i can live if I obey him. I didn’t have any choice so I did it. This whole time, I’ve been planning to get revenge on him” said gurd

“Me too. Now, are you willing to be my student?” said alain

“What?” said gurd

“I will help you train and become stronger so we can get revenge on that guy arpharus. You can also help me become stronger” said alain

“Me? A 30 year old? Trained by a 11 year old? Ridiculous!” said gurd

“Its okay if you don’t want to” alain said

Alain thrusted his body forward and kicked gurd’s stomach. Alain let out a light-blue energy beam. The beam hit gurd directly. gurd can sustain the attack of course. gurd is unconscious. Alain didn’t want to kill him because he suffered the same fate as him. 

“You can live on this planet for a while” said alain

Alain flies off to his spaceship and takes off to go to another planet.

*End of International martial arts tournament arc 


Alain is in his spaceship. His spaceship has 3 floors. The first floor is the living room since they enter the ship from the first floor. The second floor is a bedroom, control room, bathroom, and gravity room. The third floor is for storage and panorama.

Alain is on the first floor with a long wood table with 3 couches surrounding it. Alain can see a square wood table in the corners of the room. He also can see another couch but this time, it’s headed to the TV. he went to the second floor and was in a hallway with a room on the right, left, and front. He went to his bedroom and threw his body to the bed. He stared at the ceiling lamps thinking back about what happened. He looked at his surroundings and it felt new to him. 

 He’s training, but, today, his spaceship crashed into an asteroid. It’s in critical condition now. Suddenly, Alain heard a voice. 

“Howdy lil’ boy”

Alain flinched. The voice is coming from behind. Alain can sense the pressure. 

“Got a problem there? Too bad, cuz’ i’m gonna be a new problem for ya!’ ‘ said the mysterious person.

What will happen next?

To be continued

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