Galactic Adventures Chapter 1

Chapter 1: International Martial Arts Tournament

The capsule ship has landed on a planet. That planet is a desert planet. The baby in the capsule has grown alone on the planet for 10 years.

When he was 6 years old, he fought monsters for the first time, then lost. He realized he was still too weak and began to train physically. He also made his own food and clothes. The house is made of wood. Previously he lived in a cave with a tiger. But when he was 8 years old, he had been training for 2 years. He built his own house out of wood. It turns out that this planet is not filled with deserts. There are still forests and rivers and seas.

During these ten years, the baby grew into a manly man. He named himself Alain. When he was 7 years old, he found a village. He made a house near that village. This child’s brain also grows to be very intelligent.

One day, he expanded his capsule ship to be bigger and wider. Then he used his ship to explore the vast outer space. Even on the plane, he’s also training.


After 1 week, Alain finally found a planet. He landed in a bustling city. He asked the locals about this planet and found out that the name of this planet is earth.

Alain enters a building that says ‘clothes shop’ after noticing a cool black jacket in his shop window. If he wants to buy, he must have something called ‘money’. Then he went around.

He saw a poster near someone who was very sturdy surrounded by a lot of people. There is a boundary around it. The poster reads:

Win in a martial arts fight to earn 1000$!

Alain was also interested and challenged the man in a martial arts fight.

“How can a child like you win!” the man laughed

“Just watch,” said Alain. “Where is the fight?”

The burly gentlemen pointed to an arena behind him.

“Okay, let’s go” said Alain

This child is not afraid of me at all

On the contrary, Alain was confident that he would win. Alain grinned. The two of them entered the arena.

“The fight will start at 3! 2! 1!” said the referee

Alain pushed his body forward and shot above the burly man. Alain landed behind his enemy. Then he kicked his enemy in the back before the burly man could turn around. The burly man was knocked against the wall. Leaving the audiences startled.

An assistant, who was shocked too, gave Alain 1000$. Alain rushed out of the arena and went to the clothes shop earlier. He bought the jacket for 40$. He also got a haircut when he found a building that could cut his hair well. Her hair is now short. He also bought food pills–pills that could fill his stomach even if he just consumed one. The price of one pill is 4$. Alain bought 50 pills for 200$.


4 months have passed. The rest of the money is only 30$. He had to make more money. He saw a stand that read:

            International martial arts tournament!
The tournament where the greatest people around the world will compete to determine who is the best. The winner will get 20000 dollars ($). Please register here.

Alain approached the stand and saw someone wearing an orange shirt and trousers. He was bald, but covered by a cap. He’s pretty fat. The man smiled a little at Alain. Alain signed up. His name is listed on a board. That board is a board that contains the names of participants who have registered.

The tournament starts in 2 days. Alain practiced several moves to prepare for the day the tournament started.


Today was the day the tournament started. It’s still 7am. The promised time was 8 am. Alain slept in the meadow on a large rock that was wide but not high. Alain leaves for the tournament location.

He arrived at 7.50 am. The tournament arena is very large. 20×20 meters. Many spectators were whispering about the little kid who competed.

The preliminaries were a test of strength. Those whose names enter the top 8, can proceed to the actual tournament. He had to punch a force measuring machine. After everything has been tested, here are the 8 contestants that have passed.

  1. Alain
  2. Manorah
  3. Zero
  4. Mccarry
  5. Nix
  6. Zixon
  7. Chicken man
  8. Kyroryn

It’s really not surprising that Alain got first place. He almost destroyed the measuring machine. But apparently the audience looked different. They were all very surprised.

Then the top 8 will draw lots to determine their opponents. Alain got number 5. It means he is in his 3rd fight against nix. The first fight has started. Alain to the top balcony to see.

Alain saw the quick movements of the fighters. What is clear is that they are slower than Alain. The spectators looked surprised to see the movements of the fighters

“They are so fast! What actually happened on the field?” said the excited commentator

It seemed others couldn’t see it because they were ‘too fast’ for weak humans like them. Alain could see Chicken Man getting bounced off by McCarry’s kick.

Then McCarry Thrust his body forward and punched Chicken Man in the stomach until he left the arena. McCarry wins.

“Chicken man fell out of the arena! McCarry wins!” commentator said “the next is zero vs zixon! Participants, please enter the arena!”

Zero kicked Zixon’s head. Zixon dodged down then he jumped  backwards. Big mistake, if it was Alain in the arena, he would hit Zero’s stomach after dodging. Zixon shot out a beam of green energy from his palm. Zero jumps and throws a fireball at zixon. Zixon jumped and punched the fireball. The punch destroys the fireball and zixon hits Zero in the stomach. He grabbed Zero’s leg, spinning zero’s body in the air, and slammed him on the ground.

“After falling from such a high height, zero is still holding on! We count, 1! 2! 3! (zero is trying to get up) 4! 5! (zero still shaking on the ground) 6! 7! (zero lifts himself) 8! 9! And zero is back on his feet!” said the commentator

The audience applauds. The fight resumes. Zixon shoots Zero with so manyndark green energy balls. Zero dodged all of them, jumped high, and released a bright yellow beam of energy. Zixon tried to dodge but the beam kept chasing him. Finally he used the earth element to create a barrier. The beam pierced the zixon’s barrier easily.

Zixon focused all his energy into creating a reflector. The beam hit the reflector. The beam is not reflected but still protects Zixon. Over time, the protector cracks and breaks. The beam hit Zixon’s stomach directly.

“Unexpected comeback from zero! Zixon is out of the arena! Zero wins!” said the commentator. The audience cheered loudly.

Then it’s Alain and Nix’s turn to fight. Alain and nix entered the arena. Alain wasn’t nervous at all. Does he feel stronger than nix? Yes. Does this mean he is arrogant? Don’t know.

“The next match is Nix vs Alain!” said the commentator

Alain and nix enter the battle arena. Nix wears a purple hoodie. she stared at Alain sharply.

“The fight begins!” said the commentator

A second after that Alain immediately jumped behind Nix. Nix turned around, Alain had punched Nix in the stomach before he could do anything about it.

Nix bounced 4 meters back. Alain Chased nix. Alain kicked Nix’s head who immediately dodged down. Alain jumped with his left foot and dodged Nix’s punch. Alain released a light blue beam of energy towards the nix from above the sky. nix dodges alain’s attacks.

Alain landed on the ground and immediately dashed towards nix. He paused for a moment and jumped to the side. It turned out that his instinct was right, Nix let out a very large fireball from his hand. Alain responded by spitting fire from his palm. Nix was hit by the attack.

Nix fell and then immediately got up. But before he could do anything, Alain kicked nix’s stomach out of the arena.

“Nix is ​​out of the arena! Alain won the fight! Manorah vs Kyroryn next!” said the excited commentator.

Suddenly Alain cannot move a muscle. He felt so much pain. Alain couldn’t help it. Alain fainted in the middle of the arena.


Alain woke up somewhere. In a room with white walls and roof. There are 2 windows, one is on the left side of Alain and next to the entrance is a window that leads to the corridor, and there is one to the right that faces the outside world.

He saw a woman in a white dress and wearing a white hat that had a red plus sign (+) symbol on it. Where is this actually? The place is bright. On the other side of the table was a basket full of fruit.

Someone had entered Alain’s room. She was a woman wearing a white shirt and skirt. sHe also wears a hat with a red plus (+) sign on it. sHe has short black hair.

“You’re already awake?” said the woman

“Who are you?” alain said

“I’m a doctor. Have you never seen a doctor?” said the woman

“I have never seen a ‘doctor’ before,” said alain.

The doctor began to check the condition of Alain’s body.

“There seems to be no problem. You just need to rest. If you want, just eat the fruit on the table.” said the doctor pointing to the table next to Alain’s bed

Alain did not want to rest. He still has a tournament to win.

“Sorry I can not rest now” said Alain

“What do you mean–” the doctor said, but before she could finish her sentence, Alain opened the window and rushed off into the tournament arena.

Alain saw kyroryn waiting at the tournament arena.

“There he is! Alain has come!” said the commentator

“Sorry I’m a little late” said Alain

Alain walks into the arena.

“The fight begins!” said the commentator

Alain immediately shot forward jumping over kyroryn. Alain kicked Kyroryn in the back. Kyroryn was bounced 5 meters. Kyroryn turned around and let out a beam of yellow energy at Alain. Alain responded with a bluish beam of energy. There was a huge explosion.

Alain shot through the smoke and hit Kyroryn in the stomach. Kyroryn dodged by jumping sideways. Alain chased after him. He kicked Kyroyn’s shoulder from above with an axe kick. Kyroryn’s eyes widened after being hit by that attack.

Kyroryn got up. Before he could do anything, Alain had already let out an enormous beam of energy. Kyroryn left the arena.

“Kyroryn is out of the arena! Alain wins! Alain enters the final round of the tournament! The final round will be held tomorrow!” said the commentator

Suddenly, Alain cannot move a single muscle in his body. Then he felt pain all over his body. Especially his right eye, which felt as if it’s going to pop out. Alain passed out.

                                     To Be Continued

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