Scarold Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Terry Stones. Today, I will tell you the most exciting adventures I ever had as an astronaut.

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Galactic Adventures Chapter 3

a mysterious man has entered alain’s ship without alain noticing! Alain can’t sense his energy! He is so strong! But what does he want with alain? Why alain? Is he actually good or bad?


mark is an astronaut sent to explore what’s beyond the solar system. suddenly, his spaceship crashed with an asteroid that the impact made the spaceship to bounce off and crashlanded on a nearby planet. when he got out of his spaceship, he don’t remember anything, his memories were lost.

The Lazy Zookeeper

richard is a lazy person. he spent most of his time in his room. one day, his mom forces him to go to work, and that’s how everything changed

Galactic Adventures Prologue

On a dead planet that has been destroyed, an alien with a body made of black iron has cornered an exhausted and scarred man in his 30s. the man wants his wife to take their baby away from this planet. the wife puts the baby in a capsule like spaceship and sent him to space. what will happen to the baby?